Mermaid Ball Committee Co-Chairs: Our Three Leading Ladies!

Ashley Bolbrock

Mermaids and Mermen, I present to you our 2015 Mermaid Ball Co-Chairs: Lorna Ciavola, Christine Bruno, and Ashley Bolbrock! Like the saying goes, all good things come in threes, and we can’t wait to see the success of this magnificent trio. Over the past week I’ve been lucky enough to chat with these ladies and learn more about their personal aspirations and goals for the Mermaid Ball. Today’s blog post is dedicated to these ladies’ beautiful passions and hard work to make this summer’s Mermaid Ball a night to remember!Lorna is joined by two pirates at the 2014 Mermaid Ball!

Lorna Ciavola is a jack-of-all-trades. Over the past sixteen years, Lorna has held various management positions with AT&T, and is currently working as the Sales Support Representative in Fall River. Out of her many achievements, she is especially proud of the “Cell Phones for Seniors” program she created to help instruct senior citizens how to use wireless devices. She is also AT&T’s “It Can Wait” don’t-text-and-drive specialist, spreading awareness of the dangers of texting and driving to high schools and communities. As an avid animal lover, Lorna always had dogs, cats, tropical fish, and birds in the house while growing up, and thanks her grandfather for instilling in her a love for the ocean. For the past 25 years, Lorna and her husband have supported Greyhound Pets of America and currently are the proud parents of their fifth greyhound, Farina. Dolphins have always held a special place in Lorna’s heart, but after seeing the NMLC’s seal pups, she may need to make room for two favorite animals! Lorna was a member of last summer’s Mermaid Ball Committee and says that the ball was “one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had,” calling it “truly magical.” Through her program creations with AT&T, and major sales events for The Estee Lauder cosmetics company, Lorna is a pro at event planning and we are extremely grateful to have her talents on our side.

Christine BrunoChristine Bruno is filled with enthusiasm and love for the ocean. She excels in her career as a Certified Public Accountant and owns Bruno P.C., an accounting firm in Plymouth. Along with her love for accounting, Christine has a fascination with marine life. She and her husband have scuba dived various parts of the world and are captivated by the ocean’s topography and diverse creatures. Christine is an animal advocate and has so much to be proud of, as she has been a vegetarian for 37 years! She is interested in the NMLC’s future goals of dolphin and large marine animal rehabilitation and is thrilled to help the NMLC get closer to this dream through a successful 2015 Mermaid Ball! (Check out Christine’s firm at and the NMLC’s models for our future hospital at

Ashley BolbrockBursting with energy, Ashley Bolbrock is the NMLC’s very own energizer bunny! As the Fundraising and Programs Administrator, Ashley works on public outreach and education programs, event planning, all the behind-the-scenes fun, and connecting with the community. She has an educational background in Earth Sciences and Oceanography, and a passion for nature and wildlife. When not in the office, Ashley can be found kayaking, exploring trails, and bird watching! (If you share a love for feathery friends, Ashley is your lady to talk to!) Thanks to her event planning experience, networking skills, and lively personality, Ashley is sure to put the spotlight on the Mermaid Ball and give it the public attention it deserves.

Well, there you have it – our three fabulous co-chairs for the 2015 Mermaid Ball! Thanks to their experience, ambition, and creativity, the Mermaid Ball is promised to make a huge splash this August 14th. Let’s not forget about the other members of the Mermaid Ball committee. Each committee member is truly valued and the event would not be the enchanted evening that its known to be without every member’s dedication and amazing work. Stay tuned for next week’s post, where you’ll get a sneak peek into the busy mind of a mermaid-obsessed intern. I’ll be sharing the skills I’ve developed and the excitement I’ve experienced so far while working on this year’s Mermaid Ball!

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