My Senior Project 2

The week of 5/24 -5/28 started off a little bit hectic. I came in on Monday to discover that over the weekend the Critter Tank had leaked 40 gallons and Joanne was forced to drain the whole thing. The leak occured where the old broken pump was. I hadn’t installed the new pump yet but I closed off the pipe using the valve and didn’t think there would be a problem. Turns out I was wrong and the valve failed over the weekend and water began to leak out. So on Monday morning I had to sit down on the still wet carpet and try to get the new pump on. I installed the pump and ran some water through it but the pipe still leaked so I took it off and put some more glue on it. The glue worked great, I filled the tank all the way up, and it still hasn’t leaked yet.Critter Tank

The end of the week was a bit more relaxing and fun. I set up some tanks incase we recieved more Red Bellied Cooters when we turned ours in and then I got to travel up to Westborough on Thursday with some of our interns and volunteers to turn the Red Bellies in. In Westborough we attened a meeting at which we learned about the headstart program. At the end of the day we returned with #122 (later to be named Catch-22) a turtle with a fungus problem on it’s shell. On Friday we went to Middleborough to realese the Red Bellies. I personally realesed three and one of mine beat Frank’s and Juan’s Red Bellies in a race. An interesting thing I learned there was that when the program started the population of the Northern Red-Bellied Cooter was around 300, now the population is around 2,500.

Me releasing a Red Bellied Cooter
Me releasing a Red Bellied Cooter

I’m on my last week here but it has been fun. Check back to see my final update.

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