NMLC’s New Pup Room


This season we have taken in more stranded pups than ever before. With all these beautiful babies in our hospital, we soon found that we were quickly running out of room. Enter our heroes Wendy and Mark Wyman. Mark put his stellar building skills to work, laboring as soon as he got out of work until late at night. Keith Palmer, another amazing volunteer, helped with material gathering, obtaining a large portion of the supplies donated from Home Depot. After a month of hard work, our new pup room was completed just in time for inspection from NOAA.

After the room’s inspection and completion, we welcomed the first resident. Our first occupant of this amazing new nursery is Raspberry. Chosen by Wendy and following our herbs and spices theme of this year, the name raspberry was chosen for the raspberry leaf’s healing properties with the hope that this new pup room will allow more pups to heal and be released.

Some photos of the process taken by Wendy:

The room has a pool for pups to swim in.   Mark puts on the finishing touches.    Initial steps involved framing the area.

This amazing feat is yet another reminder of how grateful we are for our volunteers and donors. We could never do it without your help, so huge thanks to Wendy, Mark, and Keith for donating their time and resources!


Posted by Casey G.
Casey is a Summer, 2015 Intern at the National Marine Life Center. She is going into her sophomore year at U Mass Amherst, where she is majoring in Biology.