Northern Red-bellied Cooter Hatchling Club

The National Marine Life Center and Cape Cod Community College are proud to bring you this 9-month, online learning program featuring the Northern Red-bellied Cooter.  This turtle can be found in Massachusetts and is protected under the Protected Species Act.  The National Marine Life Center takes in ten hatchlings under the State Husbandry Program every year.  During this time, they are raised and the progress is documented for future research.  At the end of the program the turtles are returned to the State and then released into the wild to help increase the population of turtles around the region.

You can be part of our exciting new Turtle Hatchling Club pilot season!

For $20 a month for nine months, or $160 for the nine-month program paid in advance (get a free month), a club member will receive:

  • Bi-weekly emails with facts about the Red-bellied Cooters and their environment
  • Updates monthly on the progress of the turtles in the program
  • Learn how they are raised at the Center
  • Printable Member Certificate
  • Educational fun facts and pictures
  • Turtle Power contest (Entry Closes 10/31/2020)– Pick a turtle and see if yours is the biggest in the end! Winners receive a “Turtle Power” certificate!

Join us for this 9-month journey as we learn about the Northern Red-bellied Cooter and see how they grow during their time at the Center. Learn how they grow from a hatchling into a little baby turtle ready to go into the wild, through personal emails, pictures and short video clips.

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