Patient Update: April 26th

gray seal

Patient Update: April 26th








Mystic–  Today is an exciting day for our harp seal, Mystic. She and our other harp seal, Kenny, are going to be released together at Scusset Beach State Reservation at 3:30 pm!  Mystic has finished treatment for her ear infection in her right ear, which is now infection free. However, her eardrum is still ruptured. She has still been approved for release by NOAA because of dive data we have collected from a previously satellite tagged seal, Giseal Bundchen. Giseal was released with two ruptured eardrums but her dive data shows that it did not affect her ability to dive down deep into the ocean (as seals do to find food). Because of this, we will be teaming up with Atlantic Marine Conservation Society to satellite tag Mystic so that we will be able to collect data on her as well. We do not satellite tag all of our seals, due to high costs, but satellite tag data from seals with ruptured ear drums and/or middle ear infections (called Otitis Media) is important to collect for science purposes – because little is known about how this condition affects them in the wild.  







Kennebec “Kenny”– After recovering from parasites, dehydration and pneumonia, this healthy harp seal will be released today with Mystic! Since Mystic and Kenny are harp seals (also known as ice seals), they should be returning North to the Arctic – where they spend most of the year. They were only visiting New England for the winter! Their release is open to the public and will be held at Scusset Beach State Reservation at 3:30 pm. We hope you can make it!







Saco Saco, one of three gray seals in house, continues to gain strength and is getting nice and plump in preparation to return to the ocean. He has come so far since being in rehab and has been approved for release! No date has officially been set, but stay tuned for updates on his release. 









Pemigewasset “Pemi”– Pemi, the second gray seal in house, continues to gain weight and strength here with us and is doing great! She has also been approved for release but with no date currently set.  Stay tuned for more information on when she will be returning home!







Mill “Millie”– Millie, our third gray seal in house, has been upgraded to one of our pods, where she enjoys 24/7 water access. Her shark bite wounds continue to heal and are already much smaller than when she first arrived! Shark expert, John Chisolm from Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, has confirmed that her wounds came from a Great White Shark. Millie is currently finishing up her antibiotic and antiparisite medications.









Gunst – Gunst has really been enjoying the big pool now that he is down from sixteen to two pool mates. We are currently waiting for a date to be set for his next surgery. His next surgery will hopefully give him back full use of his front flipper that he is currently not using as a result of his osteolytic lesions from cold-stunning.














Etta & Bruiser– Etta and Bruiser are the last two of the original thirty “new” Kemp’s ridley sea turtles that we received in November 2017 after this year’s cold stunning event. They are both eating really well and actively swimming around their pool. Etta is suffering from osteolytic lesions, similar to Gunst, and is not using his left front flipper. Bruiser is still recovering from some behavioral, physical and blood abnormalities. They will soon be sent out for CT scans at Tufts University so that our veterinarians can determine what further actions need to be taken for their full recovery.

Posted by Michaela W.
Michaela is second semester intern who recently graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Marine Biology.