Patient Update: December 18th



December 18, 2017           Seals 2             Sea Turtles 32



Bella LugoSEAL– Bella recently received her pre-release exam and we are so excited to send her off into the world soon! She is happy and healthy in her pod and it is great to see her with a flipper tag! Bella’s face looks incredible and we think you would agree. The release will be announced shortly.



Scarlett JohanSEAL– Scarlett was also recently approved for her pre-release exam and has been tagged! She was briefly moved to pup room so we could work on her pod, but as you can see she is very happy to be back in her pod near Bella! She and Bella are most likely going back into the ocean together, and their release date will be announced soon.



Roman & Gunst– Gunst and Roman are still in ISO, as our large tanks are full with 30 turtles! They have returned from their CT scans and pictures will be posted to Facebook this upcoming Tuesday!

New Turtles– Our thirty new Kemp’s ridley turtles are doing well at NMLC. Over half of the turtles have passed one of their physical exams. We are so excited to watch these turtles recover from cold stunning and, eventually, be released!


Posted by Megan R.
Megan is a Summer 2-Fall 2017 Animal Care Co-op. She is in her fourth year studying Marine Biology and Environmental Studies at Northeastern University.