Patient Update: May 10th


Patient Update: May 10th








Charles “Charlie” – Charlie is still critical but stable. He came to us with a fleshy umbilicus attached that has since fallen off and healed up nicely! Charlie had also ingested a good amount of sand before he got to us, which was evident in his admit X-Rays (and in his poop!). Follow up X-Rays have shown that he has passed all the sand that he had ingested, which is another great step in his rehab.  He is starting to shed his white, lanugo coat and a silvery-gray fur is starting to slowly emerge over his face and flippers. He is still receiving a brief swim time everyday and has noticeably improved his stamina and swimming abilities.







Saco & Pemigewasset “Pemi”– Saco and Pemi were bought to us in March by our friends at Seacoast Science Center after stranding in Seabrook, NH – less than one mile away from each other! After a couple months in rehab, Saco and Pemi are healthy and ready for their return home to the ocean. Join us on Mother’s Day, May 13th, at 5:30 PM on Scusset Beach State Reservation for their release. Please remember we are guests at Scusset Beach. The park staff has asked us to remind you of the following rules we need to follow:

  1. Speed Limit on park roads is 25 MPH and is strictly enforced.
    2. Please follow all parking regulations. Park in main lot only and in marked spaces.
    3. Restrooms are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day only (8 AM to 7 PM), please plan accordingly.
    4. Please carry out your rubbish, help to keep your park clean.
    5. Please adhere to all park staff request.

We hope to see you all there!








Mill “Millie”– Millie is still eating well and doing great in the big pool with Saco and Pemi. Her shark bite wounds continue to heal and are much smaller than when she first arrived. She is finishing up some medications but once she has completed them, she will be evaluated for release.








Saugus “Gus”– Gus is a male gray seal weanling who was brought to us by our friends at New England Aquarium after stranding in Revere, MA. Gus is underweight and battling parasites and a respiratory infection. He is receiving medications for his infections and has already learned how to eat fish on his own!







Ellis “Elle”– Elle is a female gray seal weanling who was also brought to us by our friends at New England Aquarium after stranding in Duxbury, MA. Like Gus, she is battling parasites and a respiratory infection. She also has alopecia (hair loss) on the top of her head, neck and lower body as well as a suspected fungal infection on her rear flipper. She is also already eating on her own and receiving medications for her infections.








Gunst  – Gunst is scheduled for a pre surgical CT scan at Tufts University on May 24th. This scan will help our veterinarians plan his next flipper surgery to repair his osteolytic lesion that resulted from his 2015 cold stunning.








Etta & Bruiser– Etta and Bruiser continue eating well and enjoying their big pool. Both are scheduled for a CT scan at Tufts University on May 24th along with Gunst. This will help us determine the next step in their rehabilitation.

Posted by Michaela W.

Michaela is second semester intern who recently graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Marine Biology.