Patient Update: May 17th


Patient Update: May 17th








Charles “Charlie”– Charlie, our harbor seal pup, has shed his white, lanugo coat and is now sporting a speckled, silver coat. He has already gained some weight and is looking nice and chunky like a seal pup should! He loves his daily swim time and enjoys lots of napping.










Mill “Millie”-Millie, one of three gray seals in house, has come so far since being admitted after being attacked by a Great White Shark. She is enjoying having the big pool to herself now that her roommates, Saco and Pemi, have been released. Her shark bite wounds continue to heal and are much smaller than when she first arrived. We have sent her blood samples out to be tested and the results of those tests will help determine when she will be ready for release.







Saugus “Gus”– Gus, one of our three gray seals in house, is recovering nicely from his infections and parasites with the help of antibiotics and anitparasitic medications.







Ellis “Elle”–Elle, one of our three gray seals in house is also receiving medications for her infections and parasites and is recovering nicely. On top of that, she is getting treated with anti fungal shampoo to help resolve the fungal infections on her skin.









Gunst–Gunst is scheduled for a pre surgical CT scan at Tufts University on May 24th. This scan will help our veterinarians plan his next flipper surgery to repair his osteolytic lesion that resulted from his 2015 cold stunning.














Etta & Bruiser– Etta and Bruiser continue eating well and enjoying their big pool. Both are scheduled for a CT scan at Tufts University on May 24th along with Gunst. This will help us determine the next step in their rehabilitation.

Posted by Michaela W.

Michaela is second semester intern who recently graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Marine Biology.