Patient Update: May 24th


Patient Update: May 24th











Charles “Charlie”– Charlie has tested positive for influenza. He also has a corneal ulcer (essentially an irritated spot on his eye), which we are monitoring as well. Because of these illnesses he is battling, he is very sleepy and feverish at times. We are giving him fluids as needed, treating him with antibiotics and putting cool, wet blankets in his room to offset his fevers. Charlie has also been enjoying the company of our three new harbor seal pups that now share a room with him.







Penobscot – Penobscot is a premature, female harbor seal pup. She stranded on North Haven Island in Maine and was collected by College of the Atlantic (after confirming that her mom abandoned her) and triaged for a few days by Marine Mammals of Maine before joining us at NMLC. Penobscot came to us maternally dependent, extremely emaciated and fighting a viral infection. She has already put on some weight and enjoys playing with her three roommates.







Sugar– Sugar is a female harbor seal pup. After confirming that her mom had abandoned her, Sugar was collected by College of the Atlantic where she stranded in Surry, Maine. She was then brought to Marine Mammals of Maine, where she was triaged for a few days before coming to NMLC. Sugar is maternally dependent and had a few, small wounds that have been clearing up.







Parker – Parker is a female harbor seal pup. She was collected by College of the Atlantic after stranding in Newbury Neck, Maine (after confirming that her mom had abandoned her) and brought to Marine Mammals of Maine where she was triaged for a few days. She and Sugar were then brought to NMLC for rehab together. Parker is maternally dependent and has an abscess on her rear flipper that is healing nicely.







Mill “Millie”– Millie has also tested positive for influenza. She is otherwise healthy and has completed all her antibiotics and antiparasite medications. We will continue monitoring her health and reassess a release date once she is free of the influenza virus.







Saugus “Gus”– Gus continues to eat well on his own and is finishing up antiparasite medications. These antiparasite meds are affective in treating parasites but also act as an immunosuppressant (weakens the immune system). Because of this, he is more susceptible to getting sick and now has seal pox. Seal pox is a non life-threatening virus that occurs in the wild as well as in rehab. It presents itself on a seal as circular, raised lesions. We currently do not have a cure for seal pox, but it will typically regress on its own with time.







Ellis “Elle”– Elle is also still eating well on her own and finishing up anitparasite medications. She is still getting anti fungal shampoo treatments to treat the fungal infection on her skin.  This treatment seems to be working well so far.








Gunst– Gunst recently had some radiographs taken in our clinic and is currently at Tufts University for the day receiving a CT scan. These radiographs and CT scan will give us a good look at what’s going on inside his flipper and will help our veterinarians plan his next flipper surgery to repair his osteolytic lesion (which resulted from his 2015 cold stunning).












Etta & Bruiser
 -Etta and Bruiser continue eating well and enjoying their big pool. Both recently had radiographs taken in our clinic and are currently at Tufts University for the day getting CT scans – along with Gunst. These images will help us determine the next step in their rehabilitation.

Posted by Michaela W.

Michaela is second semester intern who recently graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Marine Biology.