Patient Update: November 13th



November 13, 2017           Seals 1             Sea Turtles 2

Current Patients


Bella LugoSEAL– Bella is our newest weanling harbor seal who came to us from Rye, NH courtesy of our friends at the Seacoast Science Center. She arrived with dead tissue on her face and an injured jaw. Our veterinarian Dr. Williams has removed the dead tissue in a process known as debridement. Bella also has parasites, which are currently being treated. Bella was named after actor Bela Lugosi, known for his role as Count Dracula. After her debridement Bella may look like she has fangs, but she is actually doing much better. She loves swim time and has started eating fish! We are so excited to have another seal in the hospital and to see her doing so well!


Roman– Roman has been with us for about one year. He and Gunst were recently moved back to a large tank and they both love it! He is eating well and loving the new larger space to swim around.

Gunst– Gunst was moved to the large tank along with Roman and is having a great time! The larger space allows him more swim time to recover. Gunst stranded two years ago, and remains in rehabilitation due to severe osteolytic lesions (bone infections) on both front flipper shoulders. Two months ago, he had surgery to remove some of the infected bone. Now, he receives physical therapy multiple times a day and he is showing lots of promise!

Posted by Megan R.
Megan is a Summer 2-Fall 2017 Animal Care Co-op. She is in her fourth year studying Marine Biology and Environmental Studies at Northeastern University.