Patient Update: November 27th



November 27, 2017           Seals 2             Sea Turtles 17



Bella LugoSEAL– Bella is still doing very well! In preparation for our turtle season Bella was moved back to the pod. She is improving every day and eating more and more! Bella’s face is also looking better and we are so excited that she is healing.

Scarlett JohanSEAL– Scarlett is adjusting to life at NMLC, and she is almost ready to eat fish. She is currently being assist fed by a staff member, but her interest in fish is certainly increasing daily! Scarlett is currently in our other pod and has Bella as her new neighbor!




Roman & Gunst– As we prepared for new turtles, Roman and Gunst were moved back to our isolation tank! They are both doing very well with their physical therapy and making improvements! Finally, they are preparing for an upcoming CT scan.

New Turtles– On Wednesday November 22nd, we received fifteen Kemp’s ridley turtles from the New England Aquarium. The majority of these turtles stranded right here on Cape Cod! All of these turtles were cold-stunned, meaning that the water became too cold for them, around 50 degrees, and as they are cold-blooded animals they could not withstand a body temperature this low. Most of these turtles have been moved to our big tank, DJF, and are swimming in nice 75 degree water! A few came in a little cooler and were kept in our incubator, in order to slowly adjust their body temperatures. More pictures and updates will come as soon as the turtles are named!


Posted by Megan R.
Megan is a Summer 2-Fall 2017 Animal Care Co-op. She is in her fourth year studying Marine Biology and Environmental Studies at Northeastern University.