Patient Update: October 5th




October 5, 2017        Seals 2           Sea Turtles 2

Recent Releases

RoSEALind Franklin– Rosie did very well here at NMLC, coming from Bar Harbor, ME, where she was found in the street in the early morning. She was roommates with Sealonardo DiCaprio who is still here at NMLC.


SEALbert Einstein– Al was a large personality in the hospital ever since he first arrived, perhaps due to his large size. He also came from Maine and was released this past Tuesday, October 3rd, along with Rosie and Dian.


Dian FosSEAL– Dian was a small miracle here at NMLC, curing her own megaesophagus, which could have prevented her from eating and thriving as an adult. She was well-loved by all of the interns and staff.


We wish our three seals from this summer’s pup season a safe return to the wild!

Current Patients

SEALonardo DiCaprio– Leo is gaining weight! Currently, he weighs about 40 pounds and recently received his first pre-release exam! He may have lost his green chip, but he gained a flipper tag. He is expected to be released within the month of October.


GiSEAL Bundchen– Giseal is almost ready to be released! She is waiting on her tank-mate Leo to gain a little weight. She will be tagged with a depth and location tracker upon release to see if her double ear infection, otherwise known as otitis media, impacts her ability to dive.


Roman– Roman has been with us for about two years now. He was recently moved to our smaller tank, ISO, along with Gunst. He is under consistent observation and more updates regarding his status will come.

Gunst– Gunst recently underwent exploratorysurgery to remove dead tissue due to cold stunning from both of his front flippers. He is recovering well in ISO, along with Roman, and his staples were recently removed by our vet.


Posted by Megan R.


Megan is a Summer 2-Fall 2017 Animal Care Co-op. She is in her fourth year studying Marine Biology and Environmental Studies at Northeastern University.