Patient Update: September 12th















Androscoggin “Andy” and Piscataqua “Cat”

Andy (Bottom) and Cat (Top) are both doing incredibly well with no recent health changes. We at the National Marine Life Center have taken additional samples for testing to determine whether or not our animals have been exposed to the viruses that are impacting local seal populations. They have both continuously gained weight and we will await further instruction regarding a potential release.











Chicopee is doing very well with no significant changes to her health. She continues to eat well in the larger pool, being very competitive for her fish, and will continue to steadily gain weight. Her eye does not seem to be hindering her in the slightest and she will continue her rehabilitation until she is cleared for release.











Pawcatuck “Tuck”

One of Tuck’s most prominent features upon arrival to our hospital was his incredibly swollen left shoulder. His infection has receded to the point where he is actually beginning to move his flipper! He uses it to prop himself up as well as doing some light swimming! He was recently examined to determine the progression of the infection and his outlook is very good!


























Pup Room Crew (Bear, Sugar and Jones)

Bear (Top), Sugar (Middle), and Jones (Bottom) are all doing very well with no recent changes to their health. They have all responded well to their most recent eye treatments and as of this past week, Bear and Jones have completed their most recent round of ear treatments. We are still waiting to determine whether or not these were successful, but the Pup Room Crew is doing very well overall.










We are still awaiting confirmation regarding scheduling a surgery for Etta, but she continues to do well in our Isolation Pool for the time being. She will continue to receive all the squid she can eat and will undergo further physical therapy to help regain mobility of her front left flipper.


Posted by Grant M.

Grant is a second semester intern who recently graduated from Roger Williams University with degrees in Biology and Chemistry.