Patient Update: September 21st

Albert Einstein


September 14, 2017          Seals 5             Sea Turtles 2


SEALonardo DiCaprio– Sealonardo DiCaprio is still working on gaining weight! Since moving to the large tank he has become very playful and curious. Leo loves playing in the faux kelp forest and has even become one of the best eaters here at NMLC!

SEALbert Einstein- Al is still swimming his huge laps in the tank! He is all tagged and ready to be released. Sealbert is patiently waiting on his roommates to gain a little weight. It’s not their fault he came in with a few extra rolls!


RoSEALind Franklin– Rosie is also almost ready for release! She is gaining weight and blossoming into a beautiful young adult seal. Lucky for her, she has a much larger space to deal with her permanent roommate, Leo.


Dian FosSEAL– Dian is doing quite well with her roommate Giseal! Together they play with toys, fight over food, and bob up and down. Dian is almost release ready and will be on her way out soon.


GiSEAL Bundchen– Giseal is doing well after her CT scan. She is getting along well with her roommate, Dian. Currently, we are planning to release Giseal with a satellite tag that will tell us how far she dives.


Roman– Roman is doing well living in ISO with Gunst. They are very picky regarding what and when they want to eat, but this just gives them more personality!

Gunst– Gunst is still recovering well from his exploratory surgery. He is doing well and more updates are sure to come!

Posted by Megan R.
Megan is a Summer 2-Fall 2017 Animal Care Co-op. She is in her fourth year studying Marine Biology and Environmental Studies at Northeastern University.