Patient weekly update


BarclayA good week here at the center. Dr. Williams, the veterinarian, came in to do his weekly check up with the animals. Barclay and Belmont are doing well and playing nicely in their little pod together. They are eating well and are really active. They love to play with their enrichment toys and relax out of the water. Our friend Rose is doing well also. She is gaining weight and is very active. She weighs about 12 kg now. She is no longer on the fish gruel and is now being assist-fed her fish to get her used to eating solid food. She doesn’t seem to like it much, but she is slowly getting used to it. Before you know it she will be eating fish like the others. Mary Arnold is doing very well in her new surroundings. Her skin is healing nicely along with some of the cuts that were on her body. She seems to be maintaining a good weight and if she gets good results from her blood lab tests she should be released in a few weeks.

Tide Tide, our 90 pound Loggerhead sea turtle, is doing pretty well also. His shell seems to be healing up nicely. He is eating well. He seems to like the fish but he doesn’t seem to like the squid very much. That seems to be the only thing left in the tank after feeding. If his infection clears up and he gets good results from the blood tests, he should be able to be released by the end of the summer.