PIXY 103 Interviews NMLC’s Kathy and Don


Suzanne Tonaire, “Rock Babe” DJ and program director at PIXY 103 for Nassau Broadcasting, interviewed Kathy Zagzebski and Don Lewis about the National Marine Life Center for a show that aired on June 21st and again on July 19th.  This 30 minute rocking talkfest ran the gamut from construction of the new marine animal hospital at the gateway to one of America’s most active stranding hotspots to the social event of the season, the Mermaid Ball, scheduled for August 7th at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

Suzanne and Nassau Broadcasting graciously provided a copy of the audio file so that we could post it on the web site.  To enhance the radio interview for this visual medium, I layered a video track over the audio to provide a more visually compelling backdrop for the spoken words.  Since YouTube has a ten minute limitation on video clips, I’ve segmented the 30 minute interview into four parts.

Part One deals with building the new NMLC marine animal hospital.

Part Two covers the Turtle Guy and sea turtle strandings on Cape Cod.

Part Three presents exclusive footage of a pilot whale mass stranding in Cape Cod Bay and the distressed whale conversation between a frightened calf and its stranded mother.  Caution:  Once viewed this clip becomes viral and will compel you to support the building and the operations of the NMLC marine animal hospital.

Part Four describes the Discovery Center, introduces Marine Life After Hours, teases the Mermaid Ball and contains lots and lots of fun offerings.