Polish Up Your Flippers, It’s Mermaid Ball Planning Time!

Mermaid Ball

Mermaid Ball Poster 2015After many years of wishing upon shooting stars and tossing pennies in fountains, my dream of becoming a mermaid is finally coming true. Thanks to my summer internship with the National Marine Life Center, I am officially a member of the 2015 Mermaid Ball Committee! As a public outreach intern, I have been given the opportunity to help organize this year’s Mermaid Ball, the NMLC’s largest fundraiser. The night of fine dining, dancing, and auctions will take place on Friday, August 14th at the beautiful Waverly Oaks Golf Club in Plymouth, MA. Alive with music, colorful costumes, and the contagious glow of charitable smiles, the night is sure to be a long-lasting memory of the summer. Until then, my duties include reaching out to businesses for auction item donations, spreading awareness of the event through social media, and attending weekly Mermaid Ball Committee meetings. My years as a Relay for Life team captain and my past year as a member of Delta Kappa Psi at the University of Redlands have introduced me to the wonders of event planning. As my internship continues, I am eager to acquire more event planning skills and exchange my sorority planner for flippers and fins and take on this summer’s Mermaid Ball.

After searching the depths of the Pacific to the Atlantic, the NMLC has found eighteen of the best mermaids and mermen to make up the 2015 Mermaid Ball Committee. Our new team is filled with veteran committee members, NMLC staff and interns, volunteers, and community members who admire NMLC’s mission and have a knack for fundraising. We are fortunate enough to have Lorna Ciavola, Christine Bruno, and Ashley Bolbrock as this year’s Co-Chairs and cannot wait to see their wonderful ideas put into action. Check back in soon to learn more about these three amazing ladies and how they plan on turning Mermaid Ball 2015 into a huge success! And be sure to check your mailbox because Mermaid Ball invitations are being sent out this week!

To learn more and buy tickets, visit www.mermaidball.com!