School-To-Career Journal: Week 1

Today was my third day of my internship at the National Marine Life Center.  I did my usual tasks of cleaning Catch’s tank, as well as Teanna’s.  While cleaning her tank, Teanna is placed in a bin with a clam to try and break her of her mouse diet.  Just as expected she did not seem to interested in the clam.  Once she was placed back into her tank, we noticed that she follows fingers if you run them along the sides of her tank. This gave me the idea to try and feed her the clam while she is in her tank.   I was surprised to see that she not only ate the clam right away but she was going after the crumbs of clam floating through the water. Overall she ate about 6g of clam which is better than she normally does.  I think we found the secret to getting Teanna to eat her clams!








Posted by Kaitlyn C.
Kaitlyn is a Winter, 2011 Intern at the National Marine Life Center. She is participating in the “School-to-Career” program at her high school.