Science Education Matters!


“Oh, I hate science,” nine-year-old Sarah* stated matter-of-factly during a recent week long educational program at the National Marine Life Center. “But you’re here!” I said in surprise, “You’re in this program!” “But I love animals!”, she replied, as if the answer was obvious.

Four days later, Sarah proudly demonstrated to her parents how she learned to test water quality and why this is important for the health of marine animals in rehabilitation. She collected a water sample, measured its temperature, salinity, and pH, and recorded the resulting data in the water quality log.

It’s moments like these that highlight the importance of NMLC’s Education Program. Your donation today will help make more moments like this possible.

Children love animals. It cuts across gender and socioeconomic boundaries. By incorporating animal information into our lessons, we make science matter to children who may otherwise believe that they’re not good at it or that there’s no need for science in their everyday lives.

NMLC’s Education Program uniquely combines stories and subject material gained from our marine animal rehabilitation and science programs into lessons that focus on critical STEM skills – science, technology, engineering, and math. Along the way, we also incorporate art and language arts, as well as conservation messages. The results are students more interested in science, students better able to communicate about science topics, and students motivated to make a difference.

You can help. Your contribution today will fund the professional staff time needed to develop and teach quality, standards-based education programs for the 2018-2019 school year. You will also help pay for the teaching resources – such as water quality testing equipment and model animals – necessary to provide students with inquiry-based, hands-on experiences.

You see: Science matters. Science education matters. Will you please donate today?


Thank you!


*Although Sarah’s name was changed for the purposes of telling this story, sadly her sentiments are echoed by children every day. You can change that! You can make science matter for kids – donate to the National Marine Life Center’s education program today. It’s important – for our future and for theirs. Thank you!