Scout is going home!

harbor seal

Scout a few weeks after arriving at NMLC. We are pleased to announce Scout is going home!


*** All Welcome to Attend! ***

Scout is ready to be released!Scout is a weanling male harbor seal that stranded at Sandy Neck Beach on Cape Cod on October 10. He was rescued by the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Marine Mammal Rescue and Research Team and brought to the National Marine Life Center. In keeping with this year’s theme, we named him “Scout” after August Belmont’s 81-foot yacht. Mr. Belmont was the financier and builder of the Cape Cod Canal. 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the Canal.

At NMLC, we treated Scout for flipper lacerations, malnourishment, dehydration, and respiratory distress. He was in serious condition, and initially spent several days in our veterinary incubator receiving oxygen therapy in addition to pain meds, antibiotics, and fluids. Gradually, he began to improve. His flipper healed, and he began eating fish on his own. After two months of rehabilitation, we are excited to release Scout back to the wild!

We’d like to especially thank everyone who adopted Scout or donated towards his care. Your gifts paid for the medicine, food, treatment, and expert care that allowed Scout to get well. Thank you!