Scout’s Holiday Release

AmeriCorps Cape Cod

DSC_0255We are pleased to announce another successful rehabilitation and release story!  His name is Scout.  Scout was brought to NMLC on the 10th of October from Sandy Neck Beach, Barnstable, by our friends at IFAW. Exactly two months later, on the 10th of December, Scout was released in Sandwich at Scusset Beach.  The rainy winter Cape Cod day didn’t phase Scout, he found his way through the luminous smiles of his fans cheering on his homeward journey. Once he was out of his kennel, Scout made a break for the tides.  Only leaving his flipper prints behind him, Scout took one last glimpse back at the crowd giving a quick thanks for the tremendous care given by the staff and volunteers. Scout decided to stay along the shore for a while to soak up some personal time before returning home for the holidays.

Going into the release, I told myself I wouldn’t get emotional and maintain a poised poker face since all my fellow co-interns/volunteers and staff will be there. At first I did great, everyone was smiling, laughing and having fun while watching Scout go on his merry way. It must have been all the adrenaline on the beach, once I was in my car afterwards, it hit me like a stack of bricks – almost like a mother sending their child off to college when they fear the unknown for their baby.


It was definitely bittersweet seeing my very first patient go. I watched him grow over the two months of his rehabilitation.  I witnessed him go from being a timid and fragile animal to an aggressive and strong individual. Being able to witness this endeavor was such a rewarding experience that I’ll always remember. It’s hard not to get emotional since you easily get attached to any of the patients that are being rehabilitated, and letting go will always be a feat. But I know it won’t stop here with Scout, and hope there will be more gratifying stories of rehab and release just like this one.