Service Spring Break, part 1

National Marine Life Center Journal Entries
Frank Reske, III
Day 1:  March 9, 2010, 9 am – 11 am

IMG_6106Today I went to the National Marine Life Center for my interview for my summer internship.  While I was there, I watched them do a check up on a turtle they call Patty.  She is a diamondback terrapin.  They weighed her, took pictures, and checked things, like her kidneys, to see how she was doing.  Then after that I was asked to follow and help out one of the volunteers with their duties.  We cleaned the red-bellied cooter tank.  I was in charge of washing each piece of the tank, like the pump, heaters, and walls that blocked off the pump.  At the Center they have eight red-bellied cooters, eight diamondback terrapins, and Patty (who is the ninth terrapin).  Then after we were finished with this I sat down with one of their workers there and they explained to me what the internship would most likely be about and asked me a few questions such as why I want to intern there and also some things she wanted to know about that I had put on my resume and cover letter.  I volunteered 2 hours today.

Editor’s note:  Frank Reske, III is a freshman at Unity College in Maine.  His major is Captive Wildlife Care and Education.  Frank volunteered at the National Marine Life Center over his spring break as part of a community service project for school.  He has also applied to be a summer intern at NMLC.  This is part 1 of 3 journal entries he wrote as part of his spring break project.