Service Spring Break, part 3

National Marine Life Center Journal Entries
Frank Reske, III
Day 3: March 16, 2010, 7:45 am – 1 pm

IMG_6108-cropped faceToday I went with Joanne and a volunteer to a high school symposium at UMass Dartmouth to talk to high school kids about what the National Marine Life Center was all about.  When we arrived we helped carry the stuff in and helped set it up as well.  We had many turtle shells, skeletons, taxidermy turtles, and a harbor seal pelt.  Once all the stuff was set up a high school class came in and Joanne started her presentation.  During her presentation Joanne had me and the other volunteer walk around the room to let everyone see and feel the different turtle shells, skeletons, and the pelt.  During most of the presentation we just sat and watched.  Joanne talked about the different marine animals of Cape Cod that they dealt with and also she talked about some past patients and some current ones (i.e., Patty).  I thought that her presentation had a large amount of valuable information and for the most part the kids seemed interested.  There will always be those few that don’t like animals much, but that’s their loss.  We ended up doing two presentations and I got to help out a fair amount in both.  Something that I thought was really neat was that I met a senior girl who was planning on going to Unity this up-in-coming fall semester.  Her name was Rachel.  She seemed very interested in going to Unity and asked me a few questions.  Then after we had everything loaded in the van we went out to lunch at Panera Bread and then went home.  I had a great time volunteering at the National Marine Life Center and I hope to work there again as an intern in the summer.  Today I worked 5 hours and 15 minutes.

Editor’s note: Frank Reske, III is a freshman at Unity College in Maine. His major is Captive Wildlife Care and Education. Frank volunteered at the National Marine Life Center over his spring break as part of a community service project for school. He has also applied to be a summer intern at NMLC. This is part 3 of 3 journal entries he wrote as part of his spring break project.