Slay the Energy Vampire!

October is energy conservation month. Here’s an easy thing you can do to save energy AND money this Halloween…. Slay your energy vampires!

The term “energy vampires” (aka “energy phantoms”) refers to the hidden drain of energy from various unused sources around your home or office. Examples include cell phone chargers, televisions, computers – anything that remains on “standby power” when turned off. These items continue to suck power even when you’re not using them!

energyvampireIllustration from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Slay your energy vampires by plugging electronics into power strips, then turning the whole power strip off when the electronics are not in use. Look for the “energy star” label on appliances and computers. Unplug adaptors and chargers once you’ve finished using them. In the office, turn off copiers, computers, monitors, and printers at the end of the day. This helpful “vampire hunt” worksheet from the Alliance to Save Energy is a fun activity for children and adults alike!

With very little effort, you can be green and save green. Happy Halloween!

GOOD: Vampire Energy Video
A collaboration between GOOD and Nigel Holmes.