Solar for Sea Animals!


After a recent Nor’easter, this young gray seal washed up into a roadway. He was found severely dehydrated and malnourished. Local rescuers moved him to safety and then on to the National Marine Life Center for rehabilitation.

Here, the young seal – now named “Saco” – received a complete medical examination. Blood tests indicated he had hypoglycemia and anemia. Microscopic analysis of fluid samples discovered he had a parasitic infection.

The good news is that x-rays showed no evidence of broken bones despite the trauma of the winter storm’s crashing waves. Saco was placed in a quiet, dry pen with a heating pad so he could rest and begin to recover.

As I’m sure you can imagine, there’s so much that goes into helping seals like Saco and all other sick and injured seals and turtles get well. There’s medicine. There’s food, equipment, and supplies.

But what’s especially important is electricity. It takes electricity to operate the blood machines and power the microscopes. It takes electricity to run the x-ray machine and warm the heating pads. It takes electricity to run the blender used to make Saco’s fish formula and operate the refrigerators and freezers used to store fish.

It takes a lot of electricity to run the pumps, filters, and life support systems of the saltwater rehabilitation pools where Saco will complete his recovery. Electricity is critical, but expensive. Did you know that NMLC pays $91 per day for electricity – over $33,000 per year?

Two wonderful supporters, Roberta and Tim of Falmouth, came forward to change that. They calculated that an investment in solar panels means that we’ll have to spend less on electricity. This means that more of our resources can go directly to animal care, science, and education.

So, Roberta and Tim stepped up. They paid for 40% of a new, 585-panel solar system and they issued a special Challenge Match to you!

Will you join Roberta and Tim and help provide clean, renewable energy? If you make a gift to sponsor NMLC’s solar array, you will help pay for the system, provide sustainable electricity, and – most importantly – you’ll help rehabilitate marine animals like Saco for decades to come! Plus, your gift today is matched 40%.

Your donation of $39 sponsors one tenth of a solar panel. Your gift of $97.50 sponsors one quarter of a panel. $195 sponsors one half of a panel. And $390 sponsors an entire solar panel, including installation and maintenance.

And, for a limited time only, if you’re able to give $390 or more to fund one or more solar panels, you will receive a Certificate of Appreciation with information about the panel or panels you helped purchase. Only 585 available! And as an extra bonus, you will also receive an 8½” x 11” color photo of Saco – or the seal or turtle of your choice – suitable for framing.

Saco, other seals and sea turtles need you! Your contribution to NMLC’s new solar array will fund renewable, sustainable energy to help rehabilitate stranded marine animals for decades to come. Will you please make a gift today?

Thank you in advance for turning on the solar and helping Saco and his pup mates recover!