Someone is us….

Whenever I meet with people and show them around the National Marine Life Center, they inevitably say: “Wow, this is an awesome organization. You do great work. Someone should give you lots of money.”

DonateNowI’ve searched high and low to find that “someone.” With “Someone’s” help, the National Marine Life Center would have plenty of funds. We’d be able to help thousands of animals, make huge advances in conservation science, teach tens of thousands of children. We’d have a fully complete hospital, a new discovery center, and we’d be an economic engine in our community. We’d be realizing our full potential.

Then I realized, there is no magic “someone.” Someone is us. All of us. Together, we are making a difference.

You… me… us. If we are to continue moving forward, continue making a difference in the lives of the animals – and the people – that the National Marine Life Center serves, we have to continue to give.

Please, join me in making a year-end donation of $10, $25, $50, or $100 to the National Marine Life Center. There’s still time. And you can make a world of difference.

Thank you for your support.