Spooky Splash and Animal Facts!


It’s that spooky, sugar-sweet time of year again! While the National Marine Life Center prepares for a fun-filled day of arts and crafts and games for the whole family, we’ve put together some fun facts about the trickiest ocean animals around.

Ever wondered what you might do if you were haunted by a ghost or spooked by a goblin? Check out how these animals just might use their tricks and treats to get away. Show off what you’ve learned when you visit the National Marine Life Center on Saturday, October 27 11:00am to 3:00pm during their Spooky Splash Open House. Come one, come all, and come in costume!

Master’s of Disguise: The Ultimate Get-a-way and the Ultimate Costume

Some animals can change the appearance of their skin texture and color to hide from their predators. Whether it’s the sandy ocean floor, a bright coral reef, or even a fellow sea creature, these animals can hide without even moving. This ghost-like trick keeps many of these animals out of harm’s way.

 Indonesian Mimic OctopusIndonesian Mimic Octopus

This particular species not only blends in with its surroundings but it can take on the appearance of other fish and animals, too. The Indonesian Mimic Octopus is so smart it can determine which animal to imitate to better avoid being another monster’s lunch. There’s no tricking this creepy sea creature.

Where do they live:        Tropical Seas of Southeast Asia

Favorite Treats:                Small fish, crabs, and worms

Interesting Fact:               Octopuses have 3 hearts

 Leafy Sea DragonLeafy Sea Dragon

The leafy sea dragon rarely has to worry about being seen. It looks just like the seaweed and kelp in which it lives. In fact, predators of this species are unknown. Good luck trying to find this guy!

Where do they live:        Waters of South and East Australia

Favorite Treats:              Sea lice

Interesting Fact:             Sea Dragons are related to Sea Horses

Sand FlounderSand Flounder

The Sand Flounder also blends in with its surroundings to escape danger. This fish can change the color and pattern of its skin by covering itself up with sand to blend in with the ocean floor. Watch your step!

Where do they live:        Southern New England Coast

Favorite Treats:              Shrimp, Crabs, and Small Fish

Interesting Fact:             Most abundant around Cape Cod

The Ultimate Tricks to avoid being the Ultimate Treat!

Some sea animals do not have the ability to blend in and hide from their predators. Fortunately, they have their own ways of getting a way. When frightened, these animals turn on their defense mechanisms and fight for their lives.


This sea creature might be small and slow but get too close and this fish fills its stomach with water and grows twice its size. Just when its predator thinks its dinner time, the pointed spines that line the outside of the body make the predator think twice.

Where do they live:          Tropical Waters

Favorite Treats:                Crustaceans and Mollusks

Interesting Fact:               Pufferfish are poisonous to humans

Jumbo SquidJumbo Squid

The Jumbo Squid is a member of the flying squid family. To avoid its predators, this animal will actually eject itself from the sea. When frightened, these animals do not stick around to find out why but rather run, or fly, for their lives.

Where do they live:        Eastern Pacific Ocean

Favorite Treats:              Lanternfish, sardines, and shrimp

Interesting Fact:             Jumbo Squids have beaks