Student Leads Recycling Project to Help Marine Animals!


Jayden raised money to help animals!We were honored yesterday by a local student who loves the idea of saving animals and took it upon himself to do something to help. In his words….

“Dear National Marine Life Center,

“Hello! My name is Jayden. I am an 8th grader at the Bourne Middle School, and a BLAST member. BLAST is an acronym for the “Bourne Leadership Academic Service Team.” Being a member of BLAST means that every semester, it is required to do at least one act of service and one act of leadership. I’ve always loved the idea of saving stranded or sick animals from the wild, helping them get healthy and returning them back to the wild. So, as my leadership project for the last 2 semesters of school, I decided to collect cans and bottles in the Bourne Middle School. I collected the cans and bottles in boxes placed in the 7th grade hallway, 5th grade hallway, and in the office. Every 2 to 3 weeks I collected them and returned them at the Liberty Liquors bottle return center. I also collected bottles from my house and contributed all of my earnings from the bottles at my house towards the fund. 500 bottles were returned, which amounts to $25. I plan to raise even more money during the 2016-17 school year, and to collect other items on your wanted list as well!




Jayden’s $25 donation will purchase a week’s worth of food for a seal or sea turtle. On behalf of our wildlife patients, thank you!