Summer Internship Commences

Intern Dylan and Girl Scout Adriana at the Meritime Festival

It’s been quite an interesting start to my summer internship here at the NMLC.  My first day was at the Burrage Pond turtle release event where I finally met all the other interns and staff.  Being my first time in these lands, I had yet to acquire that oh so critical sense of direction and found myself feeling rather anxious as I eventually drove down that busted road which I hoped would lead me to Burrage Pond.  After twenty minutes of unsuccessfully mingling with a crowd full of curious parents and restless children we all took turns setting free the hundred or so critically endangered red-bellied cooters who had all successfully gone through the headstart program. It wasn’t until after I had finished explaining to a 5 year old boy the idea of turtle freedom and how we were not going to be chasing down all the turtles we had just released to be returned to tanks that Kate Shaffer recognized me and introduced herself.  Needless to say it was quite the event and adventure!

For the last month we’ve all been trained in the ways of turtle husbandry encompassing tasks such as testing water quality, administering medications, tube feeding, tank cleaning, water changes, naming and plenty of turtle encouragement.

So far I’ve participated in the “Touch a Truck” festival and the “Maritime Festival” to help spread the word about our cause, educate the public about the local marine animals and get to know the natives!  At the “Maritime Festival” I was graced by the presence of Adriana Cericola, an accomplished Girl Scout working on her Bronze Award Project who volunteered to help me table our booth for a day.  Just goes to show that everyone can make a world of difference no matter how big or small!  Thanks Adriana!


Posted by Dylan O.
Dylan is a Summer, 2012 Intern at the National Marine Life Center. He recently graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Biology.