Support NMLC with Shaw’s Community Rewards


The National Marine Life Center has been approved for the Shaw’s Community Rewards program.  Shaw’s will contribute 1% of each supporter’s eligible Rewards Card purchases made on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays if they use their registered Shaw’s Rewards Card and select the NMLC as their designated non-profit organization.  Once you sign up on line (see step-by-step instructions below) and use your Shaw’s Rewards Card for your purchases on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, contributions will be automatic.

I won’t fib.  Signing up on line was not an easy process for me.  But the truth is that it will be well worth the effort for the National Marine Life Center and the lives of marine animals that we will save because of these donations.  For those who wish to sign up, here are the instructions as best I can recreate them from my personal experience.  I will try to warn you of the pitfalls that I ran into.

One extremely observant trustee made this process a whole lot easier by first calling the  1-877-932-7948  number offered by Shaw’s to update your card information before beginning the process.  After calling the 1-877 number, select “More Choices” from the voice menu.  Then choose “Shopper Card” from the next menu.  You will be asked whether you want to “Update Shopper Card Profile.”  Say, “Yes,” and you will be helped by a customer representative.

Open up another internet explorer window so you can go back and forth from these instructions.  If you click on the “Shaw’s Community Rewards” image above, your computer should open a new internet window to the appropriate URL to begin the process.  If not, open a new window yourself, and in that new window, cut & paste & click on the following URL

Click on “login or register with your Rewards Card first.

Enter your Shaw’s Rewards card number, all 12 digits found on the back of your card, without spaces.

Then, enter the phone number that you used when you created the account.  This question stumped me the first two times.  I entered my current home phone number.  Failed.  I then entered my cell phone number.  Failed.  Finally, I remembered I applied for the Shaw’s Rewards card over a decade ago and used the home number that has long since vanished into the mists of the ages.  It worked.

NOW, click on “Sign Me Up”

A new window appears.  Enter the organization’s community rewards number, 11 digits.  For the National Marine Life Center, the number is 49001021583.  If you would prefer, you can click on “Find an Organization” on the right side of the screen.  Type in “National Marine Life Center” and “Buzzards Bay” and “MA” into the appropriate boxes.

Select the “National Marine Life Center” and then click on “Add Selected Organization”


Yes, there are a lot of steps and some of them are tricky.  But once you’ve signed up and selected the National Marine Life Center as your designated non-profit, the NMLC will receive a continuous stream of financial support through the Shaw’s Community Rewards program.

Thank you so much for taking the time to make the National Marine Life Center and our marine animal hospital a reality.