Swim Test for Patty

IMG_6814When Patty the Diamond-Backed Terrapin first came to us, she had difficulty moving.  Having been frozen, she needed physical therapy to learn to use her legs again.  Over the months, she regained her mobility and could move around easily in water and in land.  We kept her in water deep enough to cover her and provide hydration, but shallow enough for her to easily lift her head to the surface and breathe.  Periodically, we tested Patty in deeper water to see whether or not she could swim and get herself to the surface to breathe.  Today, she passed her swim test!

Patty seems to be enjoying the deeper water of her tank.  She explores more and likes to rest on the rocks.

You can visit Patty and see her progress.  NMLC’s Marine Animal Discovery Center is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm throughout the summer.  Click here for directions.  Click here to make a donation to help Patty and other animals in need.