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Turtle Trials & Triumphs

Bruce Pierce & Vesuvius

It has been a busy summer for the turtles at the National Marine Life Center! The staff volunteers and interns have been working hard to treat  our red bellied cooter patients, specifically tackling the questions of metabolic bone disease and shell fungus. It  has been a time of both trials and triumphs for the turtles […]

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Brittany’s Internship Week 1

Cape Wildlife Center

This week was VERY  busy. I started on Monday morning; got the tour of the Discovery center, the hospital and the rest of the building. I met the patients we had at the time, which consisted of Teanna (a Diamondback Terrapin), Catch 22 (a Red-Bellied Cooter) and the 8 Hatchlings that we received through the  […]

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Internship Week One

hatchling release

My first week at the National Marine Life Center has been all that I could hope for. The great group of staff members and volunteers has welcomed me and has already made me feel comfortable at my new internship. In addition to getting to know everyone at NMLC, I have learned a lot about caring […]

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