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On new experiences


I‘m far from the most eloquent writer out there, which is why I don’t post much on this website. However, with the other interns wrapping up their summer experiences with one last post, it seemed appropriate to write something. Saturday was the last day of my internship with the National Marine Life Center. This summer […]

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Ike Takes Flight (so to speak)

harbor seal

The end of summer is approaching. The first thing that comes to mind is, where did the time go?! Didn’t I just arrive here at NMLC to embark on a summer journey that would ultimately teach me so much, not only about marine mammals and conservation, but about myself and my career goals? My last […]

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On Rounds

Dr. Williams

Every Tuesday morning, our patients get a checkup. These weekly checkups are called rounds. During rounds, they are examined, given any necessary treatments, weighed, and otherwise poked and prodded to ensure their good health. Rounds are always very interesting to observe – the veterinarian on staff, Dr. Rogers Williams, always reveals some really interesting medical […]

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Patient Update: July

diamondback terrapin

LUCKY, the gray seal Lucky, a juvenile male gray seal, was transferred to NMLC on May 30, 2013 by the New England Aquarium. He stranded in Gloucester, MA, and after a few days of monitored observation of his health on the beach, the New England Aquarium picked him up on May 30. Lucky came to […]

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