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A Day Working on the Animal Care Team


July 6, 2015 This is a blog about one of my days working on the Animal Care team. You would assume every day would be the same – prep feeds, tubing and restraining the animals, cleaning the facilities, etc. However I’ve been surprised with how each day brings something new. Today I was assigned the […]

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The First Cut is the Deepest


The first cut is always the deepest, even when it comes to science. In this regard I’m talking about necropsies, or an animal autopsy. A necropsy can be daunting, knowing you are about to cut open an animal that was once among the living, but the forethought of it’s only for science. This past Wednesday […]

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Common Dolphon Necropsy- An Interns Experience


Common Dolphins, also refereed to as Saddleback Dolphins,  are one of many cetaceans that inhabit coastal New England. Cetaceans are streamlined and typically have a dorsal fin on the center of their back. They do not posses external ear flaps or hair. Common Dolphins are a part of the family Delphinidae, the largest cetacean family. […]

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