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Our Seal-ebrity Line Up!

Celine Dion

Things have been action packed here at NMLC and we have five new Seal-ebrities to add to our hall of fame! “Sealvester Stallone,” a gray weanling seal, was brought to us March 18 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). Stallone was found on Gooseberry Island and was critically dehydrated, malnourished, and had lesions […]

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A Day Working on the Animal Care Team


July 6, 2015 This is a blog about one of my days working on the Animal Care team. You would assume every day would be the same – prep feeds, tubing and restraining the animals, cleaning the facilities, etc. However I’ve been surprised with how each day brings something new. Today I was assigned the […]

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Marine Mammal Parasite of the Month – Answer Oct 2012

Dr. Williams

These are seal lice, or Echinophthrius horridus. They are lice, sucking lice, or Anoplurans to be more precise. Lice are insects within the hexapods with 6 legs, as opposed to mites which are arachnids with 8 legs (some  parasite mites may have fewer; impress your friends!). Echinophthrius horridus are found on many phocids such as […]

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Marine Mammal Parasite of the Month – Oct. 2012

marine mammal parasite of the month

Here is an easy one.  These parasites were found attached to the fur of a seal.   What are they (scientific name and general taxon please) ? Name three risks associated with infection.

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Marine Mammal Parasite of the Month-Answer March 2012


Answers: These are “Phillobothrium delphini” What is interesting concerning these parasites is that cestodes, like most animals, are named for their adult form (the tape worm) which has never been described, or more likely is well know, but not related to their other earlier life stages.  This means that the two parasites Phyllobothrium delphini and […]

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