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TEACHER WORKSHOP: Go Under the Sea with STEM

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Join us for this One-Week Institute for Middle and High School Educators! REGISTER ON-LINE: https://www.wadeinstitutema.org/2019-cape-cod-region-summer-professional-development-institute/ Go Under the Sea with STEM and Investigate Marine Life From Open Ocean to Coastal Shores! Discover how technology and engineering have advanced the study of marine animal science as you explore the natural history of many diverse, fascinating, and […]

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endangered species

Tomorrow is my last day at NMLC. I wish I’d had more time here. I’ve learned a lot in a short period of time, but there’s so much more to learn. I’ve done things I didn’t expect to do. Of course, handling sea turtles was an amazing experience. It’s amazing how endearing an animal can […]

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All Hands on Deck!


Hello! I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Danielle, a new intern from Tufts. I am getting my master’s in Animals and Public Policy on the North Grafton campus. Unfortunately, my internship will only be for the month of January, but I’m learning a lot, very quickly. I’ve worked extensively with animals, but never with […]

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Diamondback Terrapin Release!


This past Wednesday,  National Marine Life Center staff and volunteers took a little road trip down to Lieutenant Island,  Mass Audubon Welfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary to release three of our Diamondback Terrapins – Penny, Schofield, and Bubbles. The three terrapins had all been victims of cold stunning, meaning that their internal body temperatures had dropped dangerously […]

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