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New Volunteer Orientation: December 1st, 2018


The National Marine Life Center functions with a great deal of support from our amazing volunteers. Whether it is helping to file paperwork in the office, answering phones when they ring, educating the public about marine animals and rehabilitation, or working with the rehabilitation patients themselves, our volunteers are there! We could not function as […]

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My Work at the NMLC

diamondback terrapin

I started doing work with the Red Bellied Cooters a few short weeks ago. So far I’m loving it. I get to go home to my younger sister (who is a huge turtle lover) and brag about what I get to do all day. I started an internship here through my school. Instead of going […]

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Working with the Red-Bellies

Animal Care

Working with the northern red-bellied cooter hatchlings at the National Marine Life Center has been a real treat.  The hatchlings came to the Center on my first day of interning and were practically the size of quarters, but now after only a few months they’ve grown noticeably bigger.  Being able to care for and witness […]

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A Day in the Animal Hospital

harbor seal

You may be wondering what happens behind the scenes here at the NMLC. Truth be told, there are no ‘typical’ days in the hospital. Though no day is ‘typical’, there are daily routines, which include: Feeding Treatments Water quality testing  Cleaning (lots and lots of it, after all this is a hospital) First thing in […]

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