Teachers’ Workshop – Nature & Design: Connections Between Science, Engineering, & the Marine Environment (Virtual)

A Virtual Institute for Grades 4-8 Educators

The ocean is filled with diverse and fascinating creatures that have adapted to survive a wide range of challenges. Explore themes of biomimicry as you investigate how nature’s innovations can help inform solutions to real-world design problems. Virtually visit field sites to make habitat and wildlife observations,participate in inquiry-based investigations as you learn about sea turtles and sharks and examine examples of marine engineering inspired by adaptations of marine life, and connect with research scientists who both inform and rely on technological innovation. Develop inquiry-based investigations for both classroom and remote teaching!

  • Discover how patterns in nature have inspired human technological development as you dive into the concept of biomimicry.
  • Identify evidence of biomimicry from marine life as you engage in virtual exploration of barrier beach systems and other unique, coastal environments.
  • Connect virtually with marine research scientists to investigate how the forms and functions of ocean research equipment have been informed by organisms living there.
  • Explore current technologies and research practices being used to better understand white shark behavior in the northwest Atlantic, and identity solutions to challenges in marine field research.

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Registration Information

Partners & Collaborators: Wade Institute for Science Education; Atlantic White Shark Conservancy; Lloyd Center for the Environment; Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Dates: August 3-7, 2020 (8:30 am – 4:00 pm). Includes a mix of virtual and remote learning sessions. Completion of some online components will be required prior to and following the virtual sessions.

Cost: $450/participant.
$400/participant if attending with one other teacher from your school or district.
$375/participant if attending with 2 or more other teachers from your school or district.

PDPs and Optional Graduate Credit:
40 PDPs are available without graduate credit.
3 graduate science credits and 67.5 PDPs are available from Cambridge College for $225.
3 graduate credits and 67.5 PDPs are available from Framingham State University for $225.

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