Teanna’s Release Scheduled: June 2nd

Teanna the Diamondback Terrapin has been calling the National Marine Life Center her home since January. It’s finally time for her to say goodbye and return to her real home in the Wellfleet marsh. Teanna was rescued in October after falling into a window well. She was dehydrated and malnourished when she was located, and it was too late for her to naturally enter into brumation. She spent the beginning of her rehabilitation at Tufts wildlife hospital before being transferred to the National Marine Life Center. Since her arrival we have slowly been transitioning her to a brackish water environment and introducing natural food items into her diet. Now that she is at the proper salinity level and the terrapins are active again in their natural environment she can safely be returned to Wellfleet.


During rounds on Tuesday Teanna received her exit examination and radiographs and has been deemed fit for release next week. Everyone is welcome to attend this happy occassion, and see Teanna off on her safe return to the Marsh. The release will take place on Thursday June 2nd at 12:00PM in Wellfleet, Ma. Teanna meaning free spirit, a name was selected via a Facebook vote, has proven fit for this turtle. She is very active and ready for her return to the wild. If you would like to attend please contact our Animal Care Coordinator Kate Shaffer for more details at kshaffer@nmlc.org