The first SEAL-ebrities have landed!

Frank Sinatra

After deciding upon on the 2016 seal naming theme back in December there has been a lot of anticipation as to who our first “Seal-lebrity”  patients would be. Well the wait is finally over. In the past week we have admitted not one but two “Seal-lebrities” into our marine animal hospital to kick of the 2016 seal season.

" Seal Armstrong"
” Seal Armstrong”

“Seal Armstrong” is was the first to land in the National Marine Life Center’s marine animal hospital on Sunday February 21, 2016. Brought to us by our friends at the Seacoast Science Center, he is a very young male grey seal pup.  He was rescued from New Castle, New Hampshire. Seal Armstrong is very underweight and dehydrated with some minor abrasions to his rear flippers.He is receiving fluid therapy, and tube feedings several time a day as we are working to stabilize his sodium levels.

"Frank Sealnatra"
“Frank Sealnatra”

Within 24 hours of admitting Seal Armstrong, our second seal came singing through the doors! “Frank Sealnatra” was rescued from Eastham, Massachusetts on Monday February 22, 2016 and was brought to us by our friends at the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Frank is a weanling male harp seal; a notoriously vocal species! He is also underweight and very dehydrated with a severe case of verminous pneumonia. With a regiment of electrolytes and fish gruel four times a day we are working to stabilize both new animals.Frank Sealnatra is also on antibiotics and anti-fungal medications to help battle the infection in his lungs.

It takes a lot of work to take care for young seals like these. The next step for both Frank Sealnatra and Seal Armstrong is to transition them to whole fish once stable, so they can start to gain weight. Seal patients require a lot of time, attention and resources to return them to good health and their ocean home. The staff, volunteers, and interns at the National Marine Life Center provide their hands on care, but we would not be able to help these animals without your support. If you would like to contribute to the recovery of our first “Seal-lebrities” Please consider making a donation or purchasing some supplies from our wishlist! If you want to hear more about these patients stop by for our Seal Pup Shower on Saturday April 16th and follow us on Facebook!