There’s something mesmerizing about a caterpillar.

There is just something mesmerizing about a caterpillar.

No, not that kind.

Photo by Denis Conrado
Photo by Denis Conrado

Well yes, that kind also….

but I was actually thinking about this kind of caterpillar!


I could watch these caterpillars for hours!

It’s so exciting to watch all the activity around the construction site.  On any given day, there may be four or five subcontracting companies present, each handling their piece of what will become NMLC’s new marine animal hospital.  On this particular day, as Mike Turcotte and his crew from H&S Construction installed the first wall panels, Tyler and his crew from R&H Construction dug a trench for the electrical and tel-data connection between the hospital and the admin/education building, and later the crew from Glynn Electric installed the conduits.  It’s especially amazing to see the workers handle heavy equipment with the finesse of a surgeon.

Kudos to all the construction crews and thank you for your work to help NMLC open our new marine animal hospital!

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