Treats for Turtles

Marisa checks out the red-bellied cooter hatchlings at NMLC.Twelve-year-old Marisa loves sea turtles.  This sixth-grader from Somerville decided to do something to help.  This past Halloween, Marisa went around her neighborhood and, instead of asking for treats for herself, asked for donations for the National Marine Life Center.

Today, Marisa and her family stopped by for our Patient Update.  I had the chance to thank her and ask some questions.

KZ:  Why did you decide to collect money on Halloween?

Marisa:  I like sea animals.  I like sea turtles a lot.  I’ve done this for other groups too.  In fourth grade I collected donations for the Sea Turtle Conservancy and in second grade I collected donations for the Defenders of Wildlife.

KZ:  What did your neighbors think?

Marisa:  They thought it was a good idea!

KZ:  What is your favorite animal?

Marisa:  The Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, because they’re cool and a lot of them come up here and get stranded.

KZ:  What is your one wish for the National Marine Life Center?

Marisa:  To have a really good marine hospital and help a lot of animals.

Thank you, Marisa.  With kids like you who care enough to make a difference, the National Marine Life Center will be able to build our hospital and help lots of animals.

Marisa sent in this turtle with her donation!