Turtle Week Mania!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kids Working on Thermometer Turtles
Kids Working on Thermometer Turtles

Today at the National Marine Life Center we started our summer programs. We kicked it off with our first week, Turtle Week, which I had the privilege of being in charge of setting up and running. Today, with the help of my fellow interns and volunteers, we started with Fins and Flippers, which included story time with two stories, the first one was read by Dory Estrada and the second one was read by me, Frank Reske III, and an arts and craft which was mainly taken care of by interns Lianna Montgomery and Corissa Bubenick and volunteer Elizabeth St. Germaine. The stories that we read today were Turtle in the Sea by Jim Arnosky and Do you know where Sea Turtles go? By Paul Lowery. For today’s Art and Craft we did Sea Turtle Thermometers. For these you would take a foam turtle and draw any design with any color on its back then a thermometer and a magnet are glued to it so it can be hung up on your fridge. But that’s just the beginning! Later this week on Wednesday, we will have Marine Animal Mystery which is where we will take you through a mock turtle rescue and rehabilitation, showing you what it takes to help an injured or sick sea turtle. Then on Thursday we have another Fins and Flippers. Thursday’s Stories include Tammy Turtle: A Tale of Saving Sea Turtles by Suzanne Tate and Carolina’s Story: Sea Turtles Get Sick Too! By Donna Rathmell. The arts and craft is Magic Color Scratch Turtles, which you scratch with a stick to reveal a rainbow of colors. So as you can see a lot is ahead so come on down and join the fun!

And if you can’t make it to this week’s excitement, don’t worry; we also have many other weeks this summer with many other different creatures, including, but not limited to, sharks, manatees, whales, dolphins, seals, and many more. To find out more please stop by our Discovery Center and pick up a summer program. So don’t miss out. Programs run July through August, so stop in and visit us.

Frank, Education Intern


Posted by Frank R.
Frank is a Summer, 2010 Intern at the National Marine Life Center. He is a Captive and Wildlife Care and Education Major at Unity College in Maine.