Virtural (Path) Rounds

Screen shot 2009-10-29 at 2.15.03 PMDr. Williams participated in the first Marine Mammal Pathology Virtual Rounds sponsored by NOAA today.  Pathology cases were submitted from the stranding network, and reports were made available for review before the Rounds.  By uploading digitized histopathology slides, participants were able to review the case and the pathology on-line.  These are not the perfect pictures from a presentation, but the actual slides from the case.  Participants have to ‘find’ the disease and recognize normal slides and pathology.  Then during the actual Rounds, one of the pathologists can review real-time histopathology slides for teaching and demonstration.  Cases involved seals with coccidia, fungal disease in dolphins, and a severe case of Cryptococcus.  The opportunities with this technology are limitless and three cheers to Dr. Rotstein for putting this excellent presentation together.