Vote for NMLC on Facebook and help win $$ to save sea animals!

Chase is giving away $5 million to various charities and is calling on Facebook users to pick which ones.  YOU can help save marine animals, advance scientific discovery, and inspire conservation through environmental education – just vote for the National Marine Life Center!  Then, ask all your friends to do the same!

Here’s the link:

Voting is from now until December 15.  The top 100 charities will win $25,000 – just think how many animals we could save if we won!  Another round of voting among the finalists occurs in January.  The top 5 charities will win $100,000 – enough to build two seal pools in NMLC’s new marine animal hospital, and the winner will receive $1,000,000 – enough to build NMLC’s planned dolphin and pilot whale pools!  Please vote today, and ask all your Facebook Friends to do the same!

And, if you haven’t done so already, become a fan of the National Marine Life Center on Facebook.  Get the latest news, browse photos, and participate in discussions.  See you on Facebook!

Dolphin Pools