Welcome 2015 Summer Interns


Another summer is upon us, and with it brings a new batch of summer interns ready to get their feet wet in the fields of marine animal rehabilitation, non-profit management, and public outreach and education. Each year we anxiously await the arrival of our interns as they are an integral part of our team from May-August, some of the busiest months of the year. Summer is filled with baby seal pups, educational programs, fairs and festivals, and fundraisers. Our interns help us cover lots of ground and keep NMLC running through it all. Please join me in welcoming our 2015 summer intern team!

Marine Animal Rehabilitation/ Education Interns


Sammi was born and raised on Martha’s Vineyard and recently completed her first year as a Biology major at Wheaton College. Sammi has a diverse background including internships in shellfish restoration with Great Pond Foundation, endangered bird monitoring with Biodiversity Works, and animal husbandry and education with the Woods Hole Science Aquarium. She will draw skill from all of these experiences during her time at NMLC. Sammi is looking forward to ” the opportunity to work closer with the patients at the NMLC” and to be ” part of such a great community of people who are focused on the care of animals”.


Lisa is currently a 3rd year Biology Major at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Lisa comes to us with many prior experiences that will allow her to jump right in here at NMLC. In the summer of 2013 Lisa served as an intern at the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation where she assisted with marine animal stranding response and rehabilitation.  She has also worked as a camp counselor, and volunteered at an animal hospital. Lisa is anticipating “learning the fundamentals of marine mammal care and rehabilitation” as she is interested in becoming a vet one day!


Courtney just completed her first year at the University of New England in Biddeford, ME where she is studying Marine Biology. For the past two years Courtney has worked at the Erickson Field Preserve for the Maine Coast Heritage Trust. She also works in the Algea Lab on campus, and has volunteered with the Coastal Children’s Museum in Rockland, ME. Courtney is looking forward to “becoming a part of the NMLC team”  and learning how she “can help the animals who stay with us in their journey of rehabilitation.”

Alyssa Alyssa

Alyssa is graduating this May with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Northeastern University. She is a native of Boston, MA and has a large amount of teaching experience in many areas to bring to NMLC, and aid her in delivering educational programs this summer. Most notable is her experience delivering programs for the Northeastern University Marine Science Center. Alyssa has also served as a Laboratory Technician for the Cambridge Water Department collecting and analyzing water samples which will come in handy when she is helping upkeep water quality in our rehabilitation pools this summer. Alyssa is most looking forward to “gaining hands on experience with marine life” during her time at NMLC.


Emma, who is finishing her 3rd year at Rogers Williams University is studying Environmental Science with a minor in Sustainability. She is from nearby Falmouth, Mass. She recently served as an intern with the Providence’s Save the Bay where she performed aquarist duties and delivered environmental education programs. Her other prior experiences include an internship with the Newport Aquarium and Exploration Center and a one day job shadowing program right here at NMLC. Emma is most looking forward to “caring for the animals and being able to release them back to their home”  during her summer at NMLC.


Kirsten recently completed her third year as a marine biology major at Northeastern University. Kirsten has a significant amount of experience in animal handling, marine research, and volunteer service. Kirsten has worked with the Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center in New Jersey, the Bamfield Marine Science Center in Vancouver, CA , Dolphin Studies in Belize, and Northeastern’s Three Seas Program. She has worked in dog kennels and humane societies gaining experience in animal husbandry.  Kirsten is anticipating “getting experience working in rehabilitation, especially with the baby seals” and “experiencing her first animal release”.

Public Outreach Interns


Kaila, a native of Franklin, MA is currently finishing her 2nd year an Environmental Science Major at the University of Redlands in California. At the University of Redlands Kaila works as a Career Services Assistant where she creates marketing flyers and provides administrative support. She has experience managing and organizing gift shops, maintaining social media outlets, and interest in wildlife conservation, animal rights, and environmental sustainability. We look forward to Kaila’s help with fundraising, education, and outreach this summer. Kaila is anticipating gaining “hands-on experience working with the marine life, especially the seals and sea turtles”.  She is also “excited to work in the Discovery Center with the visitors, especially children” because she believes “spreading awareness and educating the youth, are the most powerful factors in bringing about positive change”.


Casey just finished her freshman year at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she is majoring in biology.  Casey has worked as a Lifeguard, a gymnastics instructor, and a summer school assistant. These positions have given Casey experience working with several audiences including small children which will aid her in presenting educational programming and representing NMLC’s mission this summer. Casey is looking forward to “working with people who are passionate about similar things” and “excited to be able to educate people about marine life and conservation”.

Please join me in welcoming these enthusiastic young people to our summer team!