We’ll take Habitat for $300 please, Matt!

IMG_6013MassMaritime Student and NMLC Intern student Matt Geary developed a fun new way to teach about endangered turtles – a jeopardy game!  He developed the game because he felt it “…will help provide incentives to kids in after school programs to listen to our presentation and pay attention.”

IMG_6008Matt recently presented the game, along with a lesson plan and worksheet, to NMLC staff and volunteers.  Of course, we had to try it out!  After a vigorous competition, the “Red-Bellied Cooter” team edged out the “Diamondback Terrapin” team.

During his winter-term internship, Matt assisted with education programs including the after school program at Hyannis West.  He helped care for the red-bellied cooters hatchlings, the diamondback terrapin hatchlings, and Patty.  He also assisted with facilities projects and admin projects.  Animal Care Coordinator Brian Moore stated he appreciated Matt’s versatility.  Outreach Coordinator Joanne Nicholson said Matt was “very good with the kids at Hyannis West” and it was great to have someone to help with education programs.

IMG_6017As Matt’s internship wound to a close, we interviewed him about his experience.

NMLC:  What year are you in school and what is your major?
Matt:  I’m a junior, majoring in Marine Safety and Environmental Protection.

NMLC:  What do you want to be when you grow up?
Matt:  An environmental protection officer on a cruise ship, or an officer in the Navy.

NMLC:  What was your favorite part of the internship?
Matt:  Getting to know everyone and working with the turtles.

NMLC:  Who were your favorite turtles?
Matt:  Red-bellied cooter #6, and diamondback terrapin #8.

NMLC:  What was your favorite education craft project?
Matt:  The seal gift bags.

NMLC:  And your least favorite?
Matt:  Anything with glitter!

NMLC:  What was the best question you were asked in an education program?
Matt:  Is the diamondback snack related to the diamondback terrapin?  [NO!]

NMLC:  What was the most valuable skill you learned?
Matt:  Communication!

Thank you, Matt!

We are accepting applications for summer education interns; please click here for information.  Applications are due to Joanne Nicholson by Wednesday, March 31.