What’s in a name?

NMLC-11-001-TMT, photo by Wendy Wyman

We asked you (on our Facebook Page) for name suggestions for “NMLC-11-001-TMT”, our first patient of 2011.  Following are the suggestions, with rationale (if any).  NOW, it’s up for a vote!  We will count all votes received here or on our Facebook Page, and the name with the most votes wins!  Please cast your name vote by 5 pm Monday, January 10.

Speaking of voting, please remember to vote for NMLC to win a $250K grant from Pepsi.  Here’s the link.  Because we need to have larger pools for larger turtles!

Name Suggestions (alphabetical order):
~ Amara – meaning eternal. Because turtles live a long time!
~ Bonnie
~ DaRinka
~ Faith – Because without that… what has she got? Faith in you… Faith in us… Faith in humanity!
~ Florida – suggested by a native
~ Frida – (which means brings peace) after the famous painter
~ Hardy – only soften it to become Hardie!!
~ Liberty
~ Lucky Lucy
~ Marilyn – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.
~ Marsha
~ Pinky
~ Precious
~ Pretty Girl
~ Shelly – since she has such a pretty shell!
~ Slinky
~ Spock – so she will live long and prosper
~ Tawanda – She looks amazing
~ Teanna – the Terrapin, means Free Spirit!
~ Terry
~ Tiara
~ Tomasina – Was she a Peeping Tomasina since she was found in the window well?
~ Una – Native American Hopi name meaning “remember”
~ Uno – since she is the first patient of the New Year.