Your Year-End Gift Saves Injured Sea Turtles & Seals!

cold stun

Thanks to you, we rehabilitated and released our 100th seal this year.

Miley Sealrus was a weanling female gray seal that was found stranded in the middle of a road in Scituate, Massachusetts. She had mouth wounds and was dehydrated and malnourished. Two months later, after hundreds of hours of dedicate care and rehabilitation, Miley was released at Scusset Beach.

Thanks to you, we are currently rehabilitating our 160th sea turtle.

Number 71 is an endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtle that stranded in Eastham, MA, suffering from cold-stunning and eye trauma. She is currently being treated with antibiotics to address infection and fluids to address dehydration. Number 71 is improving, but still has a long road ahead. She can only be released, with your help.

Thanks to you, we made new discoveries in the areas of marine wildlife health and conservation. And thanks to you, we shared that information with over 10,000 children of all ages in programs about marine animals and conservation.

You can help rehabilitate the next 100 seals and sea turtles with your tax deductible year end donation.

Just $10 buys a dose of antibiotics to fight infection. $25 buys a box of fish to nourish sick animals and help them recover. $50 buys a case of fluids to rehydrate sea turtles and seals. Every gift matters!

And, for a limited time, gifts of $500 or more will have the opportunity to name #71 or one of our other current sea turtle patients.

Now, more than ever, sick and injured sea turtles and seals need your help. Your tax deductible year end donation will save marine animals, advance science, and teach kids about conserving our precious ocean. On behalf of #71 and all our current and future patients, thanks so much for your support.