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Brittany’s Week 2

Bruce Pierce & Vesuvius

We released Teanna this week. We drove to the Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary to release her.  We got a tour of the facility and got to go behind the scenes and see Teanna weighed, measured, etc. She was also notched so if she was ever caught we would be able to identify her. […]

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A Bright Future

diamondback terrapin

The past two weeks at the National Marine Life Center have been busy and full of promise. Just as the few days of sun we received were a hint of what the summer has in store, all that has gone on at NMLC recently has shown just how exciting this summer will be as things […]

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Brittany’s Internship Week 1

Cape Wildlife Center

This week was VERY  busy. I started on Monday morning; got the tour of the Discovery center, the hospital and the rest of the building. I met the patients we had at the time, which consisted of Teanna (a Diamondback Terrapin), Catch 22 (a Red-Bellied Cooter) and the 8 Hatchlings that we received through the  […]

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